I’m Brie.

Christ-follower. Wife to Jamie. Mommy (Mummy?) to Simeon. Canadian Ex-Pat. Londoner. Traveller. Knitter. Reader.

I used to write a blog called on a wing and a prayer. I liked it over there. It suited me for a long while. It’s felt a little ill-fitting in this last year. Perhaps I’m the one who no longer fits there. Not that I’m not still all the things I was there. I am. I’m just more now. I’m a mom now too. The old blog was started when I was single. It saw me through those single days, through the early dating days, through engagement and marriage and setting up a first house days. It was a good place. But in the same way many of my old clothes no longer fit in the way they did before our son, Simeon, was born. The blog no longer feels like it fits. I’m buying new clothes. Might as well start a new blog.



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