A Daily Joy

One of my intentions for 2015 is to practice greater gratitude. To acknowledge a daily joy. To be thankful in the moment for that moment. I wanted to complicate this by trying to write it down each day; record it on my phone in some way; find an app that would allow me to scroll through my list of daily joys. Then I realised that it would be defeating. I wouldn’t do it everyday. I’d get behind. And in the process, I’d forget to be grateful for the daily joy. So instead, when it happens, I simply say: THIS is today’s joy, thank you Jesus for this moment of joy.

I couldn’t tell you what yesterday’s was. Today’s was being with a dear friend when she learned some very devastating news, being present and prayerful in a moment of enormous sorrow. It wasn’t a joyful moment. But it is my joy that I could serve my friend.

I think I’m ending up with more than one a day also – I’m finding that each time a moment happens, I am grateful and because I don’t have any pressure to do anything but be grateful, I’m finding them all the time.


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